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Are you planning a road trip around the west coast of the US, want to save some money and sleep in the motels or buy a tent in Walmart? I understand. But what about move it to another level and try it a bit in an American way. Wouldn’t you like to spend at least one night in a typical American caravan, an Indian tent, an earth house, or an old American wagon? There is just one thing you need to keep in mind and that’s booking a place well in advance. Also, your trip should be planned in a way that you will be able to get to a particular place on time. But you will be still on a budget and spend just one night in such a place would worth it.

1. Olancha resort – tipi 

The resort with Tipis or Native American tents is located just 1.6 km from Death Valley right next to the main road. There is a nice cafe-bar with a tasty breakfast and a view of the California landscape. In total, there are seven tipis with several styles (buffalo, raven, grizzly bear, coyote,…) with big beds, plugs, and coolers/heaters, so you definitely won’t freeze. Available are also public showers, toilets, not in the best condition, but for one night it’s fine. The staff didn’t have a problem when we arrived quite late, around 11 PM, at that time there was no one at the reception, but they left a paper on a door with a map where is our tent. 


Price: $89/night for 3 double beds in one tent

2. Earth house – Hogan

Do you want to try how the old Navajo tribe used to live? And on top of that, right next to Monument Valley. The interior is quite small, bud waking up with a view of Monument Valley is something you won’t forget. You would pay, of course, a bit more than for a motel, but more people are with you less you pay. You can book this house on Airbnb and if you are not registered yet, through this link you’ll have up to $65 off for the first booking.

3. Kaedoe RV in a quiet Arizona nature

This RV is located in the Navajo Nation and the advantage is that you are in the place with a beautiful sunrise and sunset, in a quiet location, nearby canyons, and cliff views. And the RV looks really good, you have wi-fi, TV, heating, fridge, oven, and grill. It’s actually close to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe band. 

4. Conestoga wagon

Do you want to go back to the 18th century and try out sleeping in a covered wagon? The place is located in WhisperingPines Glamping Resort and you can enjoy many activities like horseshoe pit, hammock reading, soccer, or volleyball. The price here is slightly lower than in the previous places and sleeping in a typical wagon is quite exciting. The location of the resort is between Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Every wagon has a mini-fridge, microwave, coffeemaker, BBQ grill, picnic table and you can also use laundry or dryer.

5. Private room with Jacuzzi 

This is not as expensive as it sounds. The place is for a maximum of four people and it’s located several miles away from Zion Nation Park in a way from Antelope Canyon. Interior has, except jacuzzi, also a billiards, huge kitchen with a dining room and a living room with fireplace. It has good reviews on Airbnb and you will be in a house surrounded by Utah nature.