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Santa Ana is a great place to take trips from and also a place to learn a bit more about the interesting and sad history of El Salvador. Happily, the city is currently experiencing more and more tourists but if you walk around the streets you will still find yourself an only tourist most of the time. 

Free walking tour 

It is a must-do when you get to Santa Ana. Many people don’t like to do walking tours, but trust me, this one should experience everyone. I’m talking about the walking tour with Hector (honestly I heard about him even before I arrived in Santa Ana) and I must say it was one of my best walking tours. Three reasons: he is super knowledgeable, loves to talk about history, politics, culture, and food, he’s easygoing and friendly and the third, he tells you how he escaped a bullet. I can not mention that he’s just 20 years old and already working on several projects at the same time. Apart from walking tours, he teaches cooking classes and started a tour agency and a hostel. Connect to him and his friends on this account: santaanafreewalkingtour

free walking tour santa ana

Pupusa cooking class

Pupusa is a Salvadorian national dish and you can find it in every corner. It’s a thick, handmade corn tortilla that is typically filled with various ingredients, such as cheese, refried beans, pork, or a combination of these fillings.

The classes usually start at 7 pm and last for around 3 hours. You can, again, support Hector by booking his class here.


Volcano Santa Ana 

Hiking the volcano is one of the highlights of El Salvador. The volcano is still active but has been monitored constantly. The last eruption was in 2005 and the whole trail was closed a year before. Inside the crater, there’s a stunning emerald lake with temperatures starting from 45C to 60C. The hike is relatively easy and it takes around 4 hours both ways. Unfortunately, it’s mandatory to take a guide and a bigger group you are with less you pay. 

How to get there?

You should hop on a bus at 7:30 am from the Santa Ana bus terminal. It’s gonna be full of tourists since it’s the only bus in the morning that goes to the Volcano. You’re gonna be there around 9:30 am. 

Duration: up to 4 hours 
Guide: $3 (the price may vary depending on the size of a group) 
Park Entrance: $6 

Santa Ana volcano


There are two options, you can do Chorros which is a small waterfall with a natural pool, or do a hike to 7 waterfalls

How to get to Chorros / 7 waterfalls? 

A starting point is from the same spot for both of them. The most convenient way is to get a guide in your hostel or just walk to the starting point. 
If you are in Santa Ana the best way is to rent a bike and get there early in the morning. 
Another option, however not sure if someone does that, is to get on a bus at 6:30 am. 

When to get there? 

The best time is before 9 am when a group leaves from the main square in Juayua. That way you’ll pay less, approx $10. 
If you can’t make it at this time and you want to do the hike later, you can contact one of the guides or just arrive at the place. 

How to get a guide? 

You can contact one of these numbers: 
Douglas Martinez 
+503 7766 6200

  • they have tours every day, anytime during the day. 
  • the price for 1,2 and 3-person groups is $20 per person. If there’s a group of 4 or more people, the price per person is $5. 

+503 6982 3671

  • The price is $15 per person. 

Can I do 7 waterfalls by myself? 

You’ll need to get a guide, there’s a narrow path, and you actually don’t know where are those waterfalls since they are not marked on the map so it’s definitely good to get a guide. 

Can I do Chorros by myself? 

It seems that you can’t go to chorros by yourself because there’s only one way to get there. They built a gate so just a guide can open it. 

Source: alltrails.com

Ruta de las Flores 

If you are not in a rush and are interested more in coffee and local culture you should definitely take one day and do a Route of the Flowers or Ruta de las Flores. There are several villages with lovely churches and cute main squares. In this area, there are supposedly many types of flowers. Be prepared to hop on and off the buses, but don’t worry, I’m preparing an article on how to travel through the villages in one day. 

So these are the most common places people go to in and around Santa Ana. There are also other beautiful places, less known, you can visit if you have a bit more time, like chilling in Coatepeque Lake, hiking volcano Izalco, or visiting Casa Blanca Archeological Site. It’s just all up to you unless you enjoy it and learn something new. 

ruta de las flores

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