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So you returned back from your trip with a lot of excitement and stories to tell everyone about. You are in the middle of attention while spreading that positive energy and being the best version of yourself. Then some time passes and it’s time to go back to your normal life after traveling. 

Now everything seems to be so easy and at the same time feels so nostalgic. Going to that same store you always used to, seeing your old friends again, going to the same old bar and places you know. You don’t have to ask for directions, or figure out how to communicate with a person who doesn’t speak your language. Maybe you get a new job, or maybe you get back to your old one. But you’re all set to go back to your previous life.

When I moved to Canada, it didn’t take long before I found myself in a stereotype and depression. I couldn’t get used to life after traveling. Work, eat, sleep and repeat. I didn’t have that excitement that I had when I was on a road. I lost interest in exploring new things, and new places and struggle with meeting new people. Suddenly, I’ve become a regular person with a regular life. 

Eventually, I got scared of traveling.” 

All my optimistic thoughts about traveling seemed so far away. If I started traveling again, will I be able to find new friends or even talk to strangers again? What if I get lost, robbed, or run out of money? What if I will get lonely? Who’s gonna help me if I will be in trouble? 

All those questions were frightening me.

I felt like I wasn’t even traveling before, I felt like I was a completely different person, it wasn’t me anymore. I was settled down, I’ve had an amazing partner, and we have our place, activities, friends, and jobs. Everything was actually fine, but I still felt that something was missing.

“I didn’t feel alive.”

Because of all the confidence that you gain when you live in one place. You have your job, your home with all your craps, you have a social life, a group of friends, or a partner. Everything feels just so safe and breaking this bubble seems so scary. 

So what do you do now?

Either you decide this kind of life is not for you and you will find a way how to live on a road. Or the second option, you will try to bring that excitement from traveling to your everyday life.

Breaking the circle 

So think about what made you feel so alive when traveling. It could be exploring new places, having new experiences, or meeting interesting people. Maybe you could find some of those things in the place you currently live. 

Meeting new people

Depending on how big is the city you live in, there are always opportunities to talk to people. It could be in a store, on the street, or in a bar.

Maybe you can go to events you think there might be people who have the same interests as you. Just remember how rewarding was to talk to people and get to know some interesting stories or even new job opportunities. 

“Think about what made you feel happy when traveling.”

There are also some apps where you can meet new people, f.e. Meet up, or Couchsurfing. It’s a great opportunity to meet some other travelers and now you can be the one who is showing around.

While living in Vancouver, I was using Meet up, quite often. It’s pretty helpful, especially in Vancouver where many people struggle with social life.

New experiences

I’m pretty sure there is something in your place that you have never tried before. Maybe it’s something you always wanted to try or on the other hand, you were never really interested in. Now it’s a great time and who knows, maybe you change your mind and you’ll find a new hobby

New places 

Exploring new places might be a little bit difficult when you live in a place you already know. But what if you experience the same old places in a different way? Go and hike up to that hill you have already been to, but this time spend a night there or go with a new group of people. You can also try to explore restaurants or bars you have never been to. Talk to the owners and learn their stories. 


When you live in one place you have to search for those exciting things, but when you travel you don’t need to do almost anything, you just show up and those things come to you and everything seems to be exciting. When living life after traveling you have to always keep in mind what you’ve learned from your travel experience and use it in your normal life.

Let me know in the comments if you have a similar experience and how did you deal with that!

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