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One of the things you can’t miss in Cusco is trying street food. Don’t be afraid and go out of the San Pedro market and try something from the street. Every Peruvian region has its own typical food and if you love a meat you will find a paradise in Cusco. But there are plenty of vegetarian options as well!


Probably one of the most popular street food in Peru. Anticucho is a meat brochette and the most traditional is with a cow’s heart. Yes, heart. But if you don’t dare, they have also “anticuchos de pollo” (with chicken) which has an amazing flavor. You don’t get just delicious meat, they will also give you a potato and delicious Peruvian sauce, ají.


Chicharrón or deep-fried pork is a delicacy for many Peruvians. They are super crispy and salty and you can grab some usually around the San Pedro market. But chicharrón is also an essential part of every Peruvian fair and you can find it in many small villages or communities.

Choclo con Queso

There is no way that Peru with that many types of corn wouldn’t have a street food dish without corn as the main ingredient. But don’t have high expectations, it’s just what it sounds like – corn with cheese. However, this corn is the most typical Peruvian corn with bigger kernels and it’s less sweet than typical yellow. The combination of traditional Andean cheese and corn makes it a perfect snack.


I know, tamales are typical for Mexico, but Peru has its own version as well. Tamales from the highlands are much dryer than those ones from Arequipa or Lima, but still worth trying. It’s basically made from boiled corn mashed into a paste. They usually sell two types, salty and sweet. In a salty one, you can find meat with onion in spicy sauce. The sweet one is with raisins.

Papas con huevos 

You can find this food literally everywhere. Women are selling it on the streets usually in the mornings. If you ask for a portion, they will give you one Andean potato with egg and a delicious green sauce. You can choose the spicy option, too.

This is an upgrade of typical papas con huevos, it also comes with some pasta.

Pan con queso, palta, huevo or tortilla

My favorite breakfast – a traditional Andean bread filled with cheese, avocado, scrambled eggs, or sometimes a vegetarian tortilla. Super simple, tasty, and fills your stomach while walking on the streets during the mornings.


If you are a meat lover, you will enjoy this food. It’s a roasted baby pig and it’s also typical in other Spanish-speaking countries. But the Peruvian style of Lechon has its origin right here, in Cusco.

Quail eggs

This is really common not just in Cusco, but also in other parts of Peru. Street vendors sell them almost on every corner and it’s a great alternative to chicken eggs. One portion usually consists of 5 eggs with a Peruvian sauce. Just stop by, get some and enjoy a unique flavor.

P.S.: They are so small and tasty that I forgot to take a photo before I ate them all.

Well, this is it, folks. I hope you’ll find your favorite one and if you want to explore more from street food, I also wrote an article about the best street food from Arequipa, so go check it out!

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