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I was just on my way home passing downtown in Vancouver and I desperately needed to get some sleep. Suddenly, I started hearing some noise and I noticed the huge cars with Canadian flags were honking on the streets. Then I realized, a large truck convoy was about to start today. I got home, grabbed my camera, and headed toward the convoy.

These protests are being held across Canada that started after the government released a restriction that all truckers crossing the border from the U.S. must be vaccinated against COVID-19. The truckers were joined by other people that are against vaccination and have started anti-vaccine protests and today, they reached Vancouver.

However, they were not the only ones protesting. The counter-protesters on foot and on bicycles were trying to block the convoy. It was interesting to witness an exchange of views but at the same time, hard not to fall into one of the sites and remain impartial. Check out my photos to see what this protest against a protest looked like.

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