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Welcome to Raincouver! If you are here, that means you love rain or at least can stand it. And if you still hate it, take a look at these ideas on what to do in Vancouver during winter or when it won’t stop raining.

Even though my favorite place in Vancouver is the International airport because I can’t wait to travel again, I’ve put together the best things you can do in Vancouver when it’s raining.

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Walk around Stanley Park or Pacific Spirit Regional Park

I’m pretty sure you are thinking, why the heck I would recommend you to walk in parks during the ugly, rainy Vancouver weather? Well, the answer is, that it has a magical atmosphere. And, everyone goes to parks when it’s nice outside, so why not enjoy it by yourself?

Pacific Spirit Regional Park
Pacific Spirit Regional park

Discover Vancouver Aquaruim

Canada’s first public aquarium has been internationally recognized for Marine Mammal Rescue Program. You can find there most of the aquatic species from leopard frogs, and blind fish to a giant walrus transported from a China aquarium. Make sure you have at least 2 hours for visit.

aquarium vancouver

Go ice skating

When I arrived in Vancouver, I was surprised there are actually not many big ice rinks in the city. I was used to European big open public ice rinks with lots of food and drinks around, but here you have just one small one in Robson square and another one in Londsdale. Then you have many more all around the city, but it’s still worth it to try it.

Ice rink Downtown on Robson square.
You can rent ice skates as well.

Have fun in Science World

Science World is definitely one of the highlights of Vancouver. You can’t miss the unusual shape of the building. If you wanna learn some interesting things by having fun with your friends or family, this is the right spot. I was there a time ago and had a great time racing in a wheelchair or playing a sperm game. 

science world vancouver

Check out the museums 

I know, Vancouver is not famous for its museums, but there are a few that are worth visiting. You can get on a huge ship at Vancouver Maritime Museum, or see the biggest skeleton in Beaty Biodiversity Museum without even paying for the entrance. I found quite interesting Vancouver Police Museum & Archives, The Museum of Anthropology at UBC is definitely one of the most popular and if you want to know more about the history of Vancouver go to the Museum of Vancouver in Kitsilano. My favorite is a small Roedde house museum in Westend.

biodiversity museum
A giant blue whale skeleton in Beaty Biodiversity Museum.
You can get on this ship at Vancouver Maritime Museum.

Enjoy various food

I don’t usually do these things when I travel, but there is one thing why you should consider a food tour. Vancouver is a multicultural city and is full of people from all around the world. I know you could say, the food from other countries will never be that authentic here, but actually, it really is.

For example, I spent almost two years in Peru living with a Peruvian chef, my friends own one of the best restaurants there and the food I tried in a Peruvian restaurant in Vancouver tastes exactly like from Peru.

Malaysian laksa.
Peruvian stuffed potato.

Watch a hockey game

One of the must-do things, when you are in Canada, is to play or watch a hockey game. There is a Rodgers arena and seeing Vancouver Canucks is a great experience. The prices of the tickets are starting somewhere around $80. You can book tickets on their official website, the season starts in October and ends in April. After the winter season, Rodger’s arena turns into a place for many events and concerts.

Did you know that you can also watch a pretty good youth hockey game at Burnaby Lake Sports Complex?

Try Canadian beers

Breweries in Vancouver are growing super fast, so you are in the right place to explore some of them. The most famous are Stanley Park Brewery, Granville Island Brewery, and Yellow dog. I have an article about the best breweries in Vancouver downtown written by my friend, a huge beer lover.

Source: Granville Island Instagram
vancouver beer slovak nomad
There are always some new interesting beers in Stanley park brewery.

Flyover Canada

You don’t have to love rollercoasters to enjoy this place. I didn’t pay much attention to this attraction, because I wanted to get more around the city or meet people. But then, my friend bought this for me and I can tell I don’t regret going there.

Basically, you are sitting on a moving row of chairs in front of a huge screen.

It’s right in Canada place, one ticket costs $25 and it includes a preshow, the pre-flight briefing in the boarding zone, and 8 minutes on the flying ride. There are 18 scenes from all around Canada, but you can choose to fly over Island or Vegas.

Source: flyovercanada.com
Source: flyovercanada.com

Chill in Vancouver Public Library

I know, maybe you are not a book nerd, or visiting public libraries is not just your thing. But I have actually found this place quite nice and peaceful. And sometimes, that’s what you need whether you are traveling a lot or spending too much time in noisy downtown. It’s one of my favorite places in Vancouver since I always look for someplace where I can be fully focused.

Do volunteering

It’s a great opportunity to get involved in something exciting. You will meet new people who have the same interests as you. Especially when if you are new in the city. I went volunteered at Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival which is happening every year around February. I saw many shows and got access to all movies online. 

Get out of the city!

I mean, literally. Just get on a car or bus and drive as far as possible. And never come back. Just kidding. But it’s a great opportunity to get to know the surrounding area and enjoy the snow and winter sports. When it’s raining in Vancouver in winter it means it’s snowing in the mountains.

Go skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing 

The best thing that you can do in or around Vancouver in winter is to go to a ski resort. Whether you have been living in Vancouver for a long time or you have just arrived. There are three around the city: Cypress Mountain, Grouse, and Seymour Resort. Around these resorts, you can also try snowshoeing and explore the surrounding trails. There is even night skiing.

skiiing whistler

Go ice fishing 

Do you wanna have some real Canadian experience? Go ice fishing! It’s a super old and traditional sport here. You will need to get and pay for a permit and have it with you, but you can also go with someone who has the permit.

ice fishing bc

Go for a hike

Although the winter is not a high peak for hikes, there are many nice you can do and still enjoy the views. If you go to Cypress Mountain and hit the trail from a ski resort you will get to Bowen Lookout. 

bowen island lookout
winter hike

Thanks for getting through the whole article and I hope you have found good inspiration here, while you are waiting for those long summer days. Let me know in the comments what would you add to the list.

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