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If you don’t want to take a tourist shuttle that costs up to $50, you

I was sitting in a hostel in Antigua when suddenly, I started hearing music. It

Have you ever wondered what the national sport is in Mexico? If someone had asked

Puerto Vallarta is a super touristy place, but if you are coming to Mexico for

So you returned back from your trip with a lot of excitement and stories to

The Canadian Rockies are such an amazing and unique place with so many outdoor activities.

Welcome to Raincouver! If you are here, that means you love rain or at least

Doesn’t matter if you just came into this city of mountains and ocean as tourists

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong to some place or you are not

The war in Ukraine forced people to go to the streets all over the world.

I was just on my way home passing downtown in Vancouver and I desperately needed

The impossible became reality! Check out how I planned this incredibly short 10-day trip in

The ultimate Peru travel guide

So if you are already here, you are considering going to Peru or you have

Nazca lines are one of the biggest unexplained archeological mysteries. The archeological site consists of

Caral is a place that has been struggling for popularity, especially among foreign tourists. Unfortunately,

What to do around Arequipa

In the previous article about Arequipa, I wrote how this city is underrated by travelers,

Arequipa is heaven when it comes to street food and you won’t feel hungry unless

Arequipa is one of my favorite cities in Peru, but it still doesn’t have as

Trujillo is a coastal colonial city in northern Peru where the pre-Inca cultures, like Moche

One of the things you can’t miss in Cusco is trying street food. Don’t be

Cusco is an amazing region for exploring many beautiful places, not to mention that it’s

Many families in the Andean highlands of Peru keep the ancient tradition of offering ceremonies.

The quarantine was announced in Peru on March 16, 2020. It was Sunday evening and

The Inti Raymi is a traditional festival of the Incas. The ceremony is held on

The Sacred Valley of the Incas or Urubamba Valley is definitely one of the most

If you are going to Cusco, your destination is most likely Machu Picchu. But be

In one of the most spectacular areas in Peru, the Colca Canyon, full of ancient

Historians believe that Machu Picchu was partly built by the famous Inca emperor Pachacutec. The

Do you think that you can get to Machu Picchu by luxury train or low-cost

Today, in Peru there is the second round of presidential elections. Peruvians are choosing between

You can get to Machu Picchu in one or even eight days. It’s up to

It’s late hot morning and we have just landed at the airport of Iquitos, the

One-day trips from Iquitos

Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm & Amazon Animal Orphanage You can’t miss this butterfly farm and rehabilitation

This is not a manual on how to take the best photos with animals for

Iquitos is the capital of the Peruvian Amazon and is located along the Amazon river.

In general, national parks in the US have a large area and they are in

Fast food. Some people love it some people hate it. When I first came to

If you are going on a road trip in the western USA, then you are

In recent years, Bali has begun to transform from a backpacker place to a very


A topic that is difficult to talk about, but it has been written and said

There have been probably written many articles about road trips on the west coast of

Are you planning a road trip around the west coast of the US, want to

Well, Ukraine wouldn’t probably seem for many people as a paradise for digital nomads, but

Public transportation in Kyiv includes, as in any other European city, metro, buses, trolleys, and

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine with almost a million people. One of the oldest cities